Advantages of the TikTok Social Network. Ways of Earning in the App

What is the key to success in any social network? Of course, the big number of followers! The TikTok app is no exception. The service has one distinguishing feature: you can earn well here. For example, in case you shoot an interesting video, using Tik Tok tutting.


  • Features of the app
  • Advantages of the app
  • Earnings on TikTok
  • Conclusion

Features of the app

TikTok is a contemporary, innovative platform for the music and video lovers. Even the beginner can make a video, and the opportunity to post a video for the general public rating inspires all users. In order to be able to earn money in the app, you have to gain a lot of followers attracting them with the interesting content. One of the most successful tricks is finger dance Tik Tok. To promote your account, it is enough to come up with an idea, shoot a video, post it and buy likes and followers. It will only remain to wait for your video to gain the maximum number of views and become popular.

Advantages of the app

The main goal of the app is to provide users with the opportunity to discover and demonstrate their talents, share interesting and unusual events and moments from life. The service provides a huge number of functions helping with this:

  • the video can be edited
  • individual video fragments can be duplicated, glued together, interchanged, cut
  • stickers can be used – a large number of sticker packs are provided for the users
  • for those who want to make the video more interesting and colorful, there is an opportunity to add filters
  • the creative individuals can use masks, special effects on the face

Tik Tok finger dance song can be selected by yourself or you can use standard sound effects updated every day. The audience of the app are mostly teenagers, who love dancing and expressing themselves. This is a new unique invention that opens the new opportunities for the world.

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Earnings on TikTok

When the user understands how to shoot, process and upload videos, it is high time to start earning. To begin with, define your target audience. You can start from selling advertising content on your account. The app is not advertising, so it’s not possible to earn money directly. The second most popular option is earning on relinking. Your goal is to gain a lot of followers and try to transfer them to another social network with more options to make money. This can be done easily: to leave links to your profiles on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook in your account. This way you will transfer your followers to the services where there are tools for earning money.
If there is no wish to spend time gaining real followers and promoting your account in a “live” way, you can do it even easier – buy likes and followers. You can also tag a particular person in your video, promoting him. This is a relatively new method that can be used after downloading the necessary app to the phone.


The TikTok app is relatively new, it provides interesting features. It is easy to earn here, as there is no huge competition yet. Users hope that there will appear the new tools for gaining profit within the app soon.