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The high-speed, rich in information social network, preferred by young people, is very suitable for both personal and business development. This is facilitated by the videos posted here. It’s interesting to know how to add videos to Instagram, what requirements are there, what affects video views on Instagram, how to get views on Instagram?


  1. Posting videos on Instagram, types of videos, requirements
  2. Length of Instagram videos
  3. Posting a long video on Instagram
  4. How to get Instagram video views?
  5. Dynamics needed

Visual images are of great importance for the humans. In fact, the cognition of the environment initially happens with the help of the vision: an unfamiliar object is examined carefully, the associations with what they have seen earlier are established to determine the degree of danger. If the item is safe, it can be touched and explored further.

The mobile social network Instagram operates mostly with visual images. The main initial goal of Instagram is to give the mobile phone user the chance not only to tell, but to show the most interesting part of what they see.

Posting videos on Instagram, types of videos, requirements

You can post videos on Instagram using your phone or tablet.

By their origin, video materials can be:

– created or shot directly on a tablet or phone online: short online sketches will tell about unusual things in nature, reflect funny moments. These are the most striking episodes shot. If you recall moments from life, you would say that memorable amazing events can last for several seconds. It’s good if you can capture these seconds. Then they will please repeatedly, forever remaining in the chronicle of life;

– Instagram videos can be prepared in advance. For this, most interesting, suitable moments are selected from the available records. They are cut out in any video editor. Further, also in the video editor, they are connected using the desired effects: transitions, text overlay, etc. Next, the video (which is no longer than one minute) is uploaded to the cloud disk, from where it is downloaded to the device for posting on the network.

Videos of the second type may also contain vivid episodes from life, or be advertising, which makes it possible to arouse the interest of Instagram users about additional Internet resources, production or other topics.

You can only post videos to your Instagram account from your phone or tablet. For posting from a PC or laptop, there exists BlueStacks or similar emulator programs.

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Length of Instagram videos

At the moment, Instagram allows posting videos lasting from 3 to 60 seconds. For the smart social network, such videos are most suitable. One minute is enough to tell the viewer about the topic, give an example, keeping the maximum attention. As for the Stories blog, a video of up to 15 seconds length is permitted.

Speed ​​and maximum semantic richness are the characteristic features of Instagram. The time frame of the video materials makes the authors to withstand certain conditions for the presentation of information and comply with the requirements for the video content:

– conciseness, brevity;

– logic;

– sequence;

– semantic saturation.

And this is right, since a short thought out interesting video is the best presentation of an author who respects the viewer and appreciates their time.

Posting a long video on Instagram

Despite the high efficiency of short videos on Instagram, there are continuing attempts to find how to add longer videos to the mobile social network. This is possible with the new IGTV feature, which allows to post videos lasting up to 60 minutes. The following applications can also be used:

– for Android: Video Splitter, YouCut, VidTrim;

– for iPhone: CutStory, Crop Video, Continual for Instagram.

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How to get Instagram video views?

Everyone knows that to get a good result, you need to put some efforts. It is important that Instagram, similar to the hydraulics in a car, helps increase these efforts many times and makes them as effective as possible. The account holder only needs to:

– have a nice account design, create a cover, and fill it with great photos relevant to the chosen subject;

– create a completed look of the account design;

– make regular work visible;

– pick up interesting and useful materials: thousands of views are collected by the accounts telling about home crafts, kitchen life hacks, nature, technology (its use and repair), the unusual in nature, humor, etc. People are interested to see what could improve their life, make it simpler, interesting, and beautiful;

– try showing something unique, little known to anyone: to do an unusual thing, use rare skills, offer high-quality goods or services. There are sure to be those who will adequately rate the work of the author, buy, follow;

– demonstrate the interest in the skills of others, put likes, follow the accounts. The grateful Instagram participants are interested in expanding the sphere of communication, in their turn, they will also visit, rate and follow back;

– hold promotions, contests. They are always interested. Carrying out such events improves the live communication, strengthens trust, helps to form a group of regular customers or increase their number;

– use services professionally working with the social networks. They are of great help in developing your account. Thanks to them, you can quickly form a significant audience of interested followers, customers, partners. One of the services that is easy, convenient, safe and profitable to work with is ALL-SMM.

Dynamics needed

It’s good to see an interesting photo, and it’s even better to see a rare moment in the context. The audience remains much more impressed after watching a video rich with comprehensive information and the dynamic events. Thanks to the feature of posting short videos, the number of Instagram fans will grow significantly, which is great!