How to Conduct Instagram Contests and Giveaways Efficiently

Now many people would like to buy Instagram comments and likes, but why pay more if there is a completely different way to get them. Thanks to the contests and similar events on Instagram, you can significantly increase the involvement of the account and attract new followers. As for the business accounts, it is beneficial since it will increase the brand awareness and, consequently, sales. Therefore, contests and giveaways are so popular. By the way, the number of posts by the hashtags “#giveaway” and “#contest” exceeds 4 million.


  • Mechanics and types of contests
  • Recognition and reach
  • Attracting new followers
  • Increased engagement
  • Ideas for contests in Stories
  • Quest
  • Tags

Mechanics and types of contests

There are many methods and types of contests, but only 3 of them stay popular. Let’s consider each of them in more detail:

Recognition and reach

The purpose of this competition is to increase loyalty to the product and get the maximum number of views. The contest is based on mentions and hashtags. Participants in the event should take a picture, preferably with your product, and post it on their page with a specific hashtag or account mentioning. For each contest it is better to use unique hashtags to see only the contest posts.

Due to the fact that the competition posts of the participants will be seen by their friends in the news feed, the coverage grows. Also, by creating the right conditions for the contest, you can get additional followers and thereby buy likes on Instagram free.

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Attracting new followers

As the name implies, the contest is designed to increase the number of followers. The mechanics are simple – it’s enough to register in the conditions of the contest that one needs to follow you and put like. Accordingly, those who want to participate in the competition will be required to follow and like the post.

But there is a significant minus in this system – you will have to invest in advertising, since only your followers will see the post with the terms of the event. Therefore, it is advantageous to use the scheme described above, only in addition to the picture the person will still have to follow you.

Increased engagement

The main goal of the contest is to increase the ER (engagement) indicator and profile efficiency. As for organizing it, you can use several techniques. First goes the most common one: to create a contest of likes and comments, and choose a winner from those who fulfilled the conditions.

The second way is more complicated, you can create a picture contest. Invite participants to send you pictures and post them on your page. The winner will be determined by the number of likes. Contestants will start asking friends and acquaintances to rate their picture in your account, which will increase the engagement. The disadvantage of this option is that it is difficult to organize.

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Ideas for contests in Stories

Instagram Stories appeared not that long ago, but have already gained the great popularity among the users of the social network. Even now it’s noticeable how quickly Stories are replacing the normal news feed. Therefore, it is possible and necessary to conduct contests with the help of this tool. We can offer a couple of original ideas:


There are several options for creating such a contest. For example, you can create several accounts and invite participants to find your main one by following the prompts. Or come up with a plot where you will need to get out of the virtual world. Another option is puzzles. The winner will be the one who first passes the quest or solves the riddle.


Contestants will need to create a story with the mention of your account or a specific hashtag. So you can kill several birds with one stone: significantly increase the engagement and the number of followers.

Contests are a very good tool to promote a brand or increase the account performance. That’s why they are so popular among the Instagram users.