How to Increase Instagram Activity: a Selection of Useful Life Hacks

Instagram is one of the most popular mobile apps these days. Originally perceived as a space for exchanging photos and videos, it managed to grow significantly, turning into a large-scale platform for promotion and sales. With it, you can easily expand your audience, popularize your name brand and much more. However, it’s not enough just to create an account and wait for the new followers to arrive. Next, we will offer you verified Instagram hacks for likes that will certainly help increase the profile’s activity.


  1. Why is activity that important?
  2. How to increase activity and get a lot of likes?

2.1. Right posts

2.2. Participation in PR games

2.3. Hashtags

Why is activity that important?

Being one of the most actively developing social networks, Instagram regularly updates its algorithms and offers a variety of innovations. Recent updates have led to the fact that the number of followers is no longer an important classification feature that determines whether the account is in the top. There is an opposite trend: the abundance of “dead” bot followers can pull the profile down, depriving it of the chance to fall into the categories of “Interesting” and “Recommended” forever.

A good way to promote yourself and make yourself known in the media space is to increase the activity on your page. In other words, you need a lot of likes, comments and other references.

How to increase activity and get a lot of likes?

Further, we will bring to your attention a selection of life hacks that will help to gain free 20 likes on Instagram per day (if you wish, this number can be bigger).

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Right posts

You have probably noticed that not every post can collect a large number of “like” marks. As a rule, the following categories of posts are the most popular:

  • Post-provocation. Touching the acute social problems, it can start the hot discussion, get a lot of likes. However, this promotion option is not recommended if your goal is to reach a true target audience, rather than attracting short-term attention.
  • Collections. They can be very diverse: from the list of the best films to the list of low-calorie foods. Such posts encourage people to exchange their opinions and likes, of course.
  • Post-question. Everything is simple here: you describe a specific problem situation and ask for advice.

Also, the effect can be achieved from posts in the genre of storytelling, but writing them is an art.

Participation in PR games

Have you seen those colorful posts with a bright text “LIKE TIME”? With their help, you can get up to a hundred likes without any problem. You should only leave comments under the post, as well as respond to the records of other network users, performing simple tasks.

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Another on-budget option for getting likes. Just add a series of hashtags underneath your photo: #like #likesforlikes, #like4like, etc. The result is not long in coming. The only nuance is that this method will not allow to collect a really large number of “like” marks. In addition, most of them will be left by the bot accounts.

If you want to receive likes from real accounts, you should use the specialized services, like ALL-SMM. Offering robust value for money, it will allow to bring your account to the top as soon as possible.