How to Prevent Mistakes on Instagram

It’s good to have a popular Instagram profile. It opens up great opportunities for monetization, sales of goods and services. At worst, you can always boast to your friends that you have more followers. But mistakes in promotion can impact all your efforts negatively. To achieve the necessary goals in promotion of your Instagram account, make sure that you do not make the following errors.


  • The main mistakes of Instagram blogging
  • Plain content
  • Bad pictures
  • Using Instagram not to 100%
  • Conclusion

The main mistakes of Instagram blogging

Probably, you have seen the blogs on your favorite social network with slurred headers, an incomprehensible description and other mistakes made by the beginners. Do not rush to put yourself above such profiles. Analyze your account, think as your new followers. Will they understand what your blog is about? Even if you buy Instagram likes for Android, the interested users will not be able to understand what your blog is about and will not follow you.

Plain content

Instagram is a social network that provides visual content. That is, photos and videos illustrating what you would like to tell about. Your pictures should catch the users’ eyes and make them read what you have written underneath photos or videos. It is better that they are unique. Of course, on Instagram there are a lot of examples of how well-made accounts with stock photos have become popular. But this does not always work. And your users would not like to watch and put 20 Instagram likes to the pictures that they have seen hundreds of times.

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Bad pictures

Posting your own photos on a blog is preferable. But not everyone is a good photographer. Of course, you can order a photo session from a professional and share content. But it is advisable to learn making beautiful shots yourself. Do you think this will not work? Do not rush to give up on yourself. Buy a photo tutorial and upgrade your skills. Today, when every smartphone has a decent camera, it’s important to be able to use them. Even if you do not blog on Instagram, such a skill will be very useful in the nearest future.

Using Instagram not to 100%

The social network Instagram has many features: Stories, IGTV, live streaming, conducting surveys, mailings, etc. You can and should work with all these tools. Only blogs using all the features of the social network can achieve the maximum effect. You need to interact with the audience and it is desirable to diversify this interaction. You must be able to work with the audience. If you just upload photos and write texts underneath, this will not give the desired result.

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The developers of the social network Instagram regularly introduce new features and tools for the authors. Stay trendy. Always explore the new opportunities for engaging the audience in your content. Eliminate blogging errors described in this article. And voila! You are doomed to success.